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Transition Your Porch from Summer to Fall (8 photos)

As the air turns crisp and the leaves change from green to amber, red and gold, you may find yourself wanting to linger a little longer on the porch and savor that glowing autumn light. From clusters of candles to…

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Shop Houzz: Fall Front Door Decor Under $100 (94 photos)

The leaves will change colors, the weather will change, the pumpkin patches will pop up, and on Halloween you might even see something strange! Fall is near, so it’s time to get your autumnal front door decor ready. Give the…

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Colorful and Creative Commute

Summer has flown by, don’t you think?! It feels like only yesterday I was sharing my Top Five Summer Reads and already we’re approaching autumn. In my last Audible blog post I spoke about listening to books on the beach…

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